Inner Nerd

I tried to keep it quiet but I am quite a nerd. I have an affinity for languages – put me in any environment, and I will pick the language up quickly. That’s essentially how I learned Korean, though I had been exposed to it previously through my martial arts training.

I am an avid reader. There is no better treat for my mind than a good book. Though my writing style varies, and hopefully it isn’t too terribly droll, I now prefer folksy stories and local tales, stylized so that one can glimpse another’s culture without seeming too much of an outsider.

Despite my complete inability to carry a tune, I count music and can find the beat in any song. All music warms my soul. Well, most music. Fine, I’m not really a fan of polka and some other types of local music, but I absolutely lose it for classical Russian composers, bagpipes (’tis but one of the sounds of my people, believe it or not), and anything from rock, rap, and alternative. It simply depends on my mood.

I have found someone who can embrace my inner nerd. Not only are my friends overly accepting of my proclivities, but my husband is as well. He and I both play Jeopardy (the digital and television versions actually) in our spare time. And trivia games, apps, Scrabble and the like have all taken their turn with influencing our relationship and monopolizing our free time.

One recently acquired hobby is attending dog shows. And before I upset all of you rescue owners and lovers out there, let me preface this by saying that I am absolutely supportive of adopting dogs. However, every time I tried to I was turned down, because the rescue organizations had this odd characteristic of requiring that one person stay at home constantly with the dog. Frankly, that isn’t feasible for many, so we lost out on dozens of pups. It was a frustratingly heartwrenching experience. But I am looking forward to the day when I open up my farm and give a loving home to rescues and other breeds of dogs as well. At any rate, a few weekends ago we attended a dog show and it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had recently. There is nothing quite like seeing six or seven Irish Wolfhounds in person. Same goes for the fourteen Great Danes, one of whom casually kept knocking my petite frame over on accident. She was adorable.

I have to say that for this amateur artist, language aficionado, classically trained dancer, and ever-revising writer, there are so many ways to celebrate my not-so-secret inner nerd. I have let her run wild, and luckily I am surrounded by people who admire her and allow her to thrive. From coworkers, to classmates, to friends and family – they all let me by myself and identify in ways that suit me most appropriately. There is truly something to be said about getting more comfortable with your person as you age gracefully.