Is this the new black? Or are such terms inherently misguided, misleading, and ultimately categorist?

It took me nearly thirty years to come to terms with my identity. In some ways, or rather in many ways, I believe that our true selves are a constant work in progress. That said, I have accepted that I am literally neither black nor white – and have declared that I will shapeshift and suit my own personal needs regarding my hair and sartorial choices to fit my aesthetic.

With regards to my academic identity, I am actually developing that as we speak. My interests have shifted from Classic Languages and Literature (Latin, Ancient Greek, etc.) to Minority Education. How did that turn occur you may currently wonder. Well, that might be a story for another day, but suffice it to say that my family has always valued education and I have made it my life’s goal to continue to spread that message, particularly to those who may not have access to the same educational resources that I was privileged enough to enjoy. And with that kind of drive and determination, I know I can help to change the world.