Up is Down

This period in history will undoubtedly go down as the most confusing one in modernity. I am not intending for this blog to lean any particular direction politically, but it is only fitting that I comment on my feelings pertaining to the current climate. I do feel extremely uneasy and distrustful. It is not necessarily in my nature to be overly trusting of anyone these days – this is something I am aware of, and am considering improving – but now I know that it is plaguing others as well.


Self-care is critical. To that end, I have taken it upon myself to walk as often as possible – especially with my two dogs. I also practice yoga, listen to music and uplifting podcasts, and am taking strides toward becoming more active, social, and regain my former self. This journey has been a long one but I have this hope for all of us to persevere.