Artistic Goals: Race and Identity

One of my current artistic goals is to create a painting as culturally significant as Edvard Munch’s The Scream. It is odd, I have some courage but am unsure about enrolling in a formal class to truly improve myself. It diverges from my studies, in the sense that I likely won’t use my art for any true academic purpose. But there is some glimmer of hope within me that wonders whether I could craft something akin to a Kara Walker or Edmonia Lewis piece.

I search for inspiration that can accurately reflect my feelings, and represent a new direction in minority art. My current style is a mixture of Impressionism and modernism. Although I am finding that, despite my lack of training, my reinterpretation’s of other people’s work is rather impressive. I may have to include my sketch of Wangechi Mutu’s That’s my death mask you’re wearing. I love art when it explores the intersection between race and identity. As a means of expression, few other forms of media, if any at all, can truly capture the horrors that we as a species inflict on one another. I completely lost myself in this piece today, and fantasize about a time when I will create something as moving as Mutu has. And I observed as many people walked by, not truly understanding (or perhaps not caring to try) any part of her work. It wasn’t lost on me that many pseudo-intellectuals appeared to have little time or appreciation for such emotion. I’m considering posting my art history paper here because I expect it will delve deeply into some very complicated issues.