On My Mind

My looming paper on the aforementioned Wangechi Mutu is both intriguing and overwhelming. I find that it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to analyze artists and writers I admire, which should make my academic career even more adventurous than I initially thought. Currently, I’m formulating an outline so I can describe the impact of “That’s my death mask you’re wearing.” I am in awe of her talent.

It’s funny that I manage to edit other people’s writing regularly for work, but need to put so much time, thought and effort into my own. I’m not sure if this will be the case for all of my academic writing, or if it is a necessary evil for me to endure throughout my entire writing process.

This is reminding me that I may need to take a break from introspection and analysis to recapture the irreverence in one of my novels – its relatively true-to-life perspective allows me to frame and qualify actual situations as I see fit. I am seriously considering publishing that under a pseudonym, despite how I would like to be known for my writing. Decisions, decisions.