Enigmatic Racial Apathy

I am weirdly obsessed with period dramas. Must be my not-so-secret inner nerdly scholar. I love The Crown, and, per the words of my oldest and closest friends, have harbored a strange fascination with Gone with the Wind. As a fellow woman color, this was apparently extremely disconcerting for her. I, however, have an odd affinity for historical docu-dramas, so of course the romanticized Scarlett O’Hara fit the bill. This may serve to explain why, despite my exhaustive studies into African American History, I still watch Southern Charm….

At some point, I am considering posting the cliffs notes guide to one of my novels. I simply have to overcome that hurdle. Juggling several different writing styles – the one that I use for work, the one that I use for my novel(s), the one that I use for my classes, and the one that I use on here – almost makes me feel as though I have a split personality. Maybe I should consider writing my own version of a love story, set against the backdrop of time.