Grad School Musings

So this year I am applying to grad school programs. It is official – I have been thinking about it for the better part of five years, and procrastinating on it for the better part of ten. I have switched programs dozens of times, and even enrolled in a GRE prep class last year. I think I was too burnt out and angry (yes, a theme, and something I am trying to correct) to attempt it for this fall. However, when I look at my spreadsheet and think of the professors I have contacted, I smile now. And I am blowing away the courses I take at the moment. It is obvious that my writing skills have improved immeasurably – they were never really that bad to begin with, but right now, they are phenomenal. I crave an academic challenge.

My only regret (okay, there are a few but this is a major one) is that my penchant for the humanities makes my interests less practical and more academic. And whatwith the incredible competition for jobs in academia, it doesn’t make too much sense to get a degree that won’t be utilized, even from the best universities. At least, that’s what my more rational and practical side says to me.

Overall, I feel as though I’m in a really great place right now. Last year, everything just seemed too daunting and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle rejection and was too fragile to apply anywhere. Now – I just want to start my academic life down a new trajectory.

And on a similarly light note, I need to start posting happier and funnier pieces on here. Reading my blog, no one would be able to tell that I’m in a much better place mentally and actually have a pretty great sense of humor.

Happy Friday all!