Nice Guys Finish Last?

In light of a momentous decision I tried to make (and kept backing away from going through with it at the last possible second) one of my coworkers has decided that she wants me to toughen up my spine. I believe her – through a series of personal and professional experiences, I agree with the sentiment that I am too nice, an odd assessment, since I was raised not to be that way. At any rate, I am setting boundaries and this is in regards to everything. And once they are set, I am going to adhere to them. I am considering engaging in an anthropological experiment wherein I study the impact of making and enforcing boundaries – this same coworker, who is quickly becoming a dear and trusted friend, made it clear that I will experience discomfort and it won’t be easy for me to reinforce them. I assume it will be excellent training for children 🙂

In other slightly less momentous news, I am continuously making progress on all fronts – graduate school and a gigantic move no longer terrify me. Rather, I embrace them and the future with open arms. And my little foray into higher education will probably make for an excellent case study since I don’t think I could ever find someone who could live up to my exceedingly high standards who would care as much as I do about my own future. Who better than an aspiring business owner?

My future awaits. And the fate of many others does too.