Committing to a Program

I am not given to whims. Per the tagline of my blog, I analyze and critique EVERY.SINGLE.THING.I.DO. I am meticulous. And a planner. So imagine my surprise when someone told me otherwise. Or rather, tried to. This is the problem when looking to work with someone – they can turn so quickly. Yet I keep myself surrounded by those who wish me well, and more importantly, truly know who I am and what my capabilities are. So I am moving on from that interaction.

In somewhat related news, I am contacting schools to try and figure out which programs best fit me. It varies greatly from school to school, but I’m trying to keep things around ten possible applications. I’ve technically been working on my essay since last year, if not earlier, so that shouldn’t be too difficult for me. Perhaps the biggest obstacle I’m facing right now is talking myself into applying to the top education schools, because most everyone knows that I’m competitive. I just need to persuade myself.

Finally, one of these days I will post an update waxing philosophically about what it means to be a person of color. I’ve been working on this piece for a couple of weeks, but I really need to find the time and finish it. Therefore, my identity and subsequent discussions are potentially pending.