Novel Inspiration

I recently started rewatching a pretty culturally significant show, and it occurred to me that my life was essentially the same, save for the locale. So now I’m basing a young adult novel loosely on my adolescent experiences. It’s an entirely new genre for me, and it completely revolutionized my way of thinking. I’m enjoying it, as headway with my other manuscripts has temporarily stalled.

In other news, classes have started again and it is bittersweet – this is probably my last class until next spring, since I won’t have time to juggle work and my apps/GRE prep, in addition to school. I am honestly slightly concerned that my GPA might take a hit this quarter, but hopefully that won’t happen. Well, I won’t let that happen.

I am still vacillating between programs and have resumed reaching out to professors to try and solidify my options. I still think I may eventually attain an MBA, but I need to figure out where and if that fits into my timeline, and how that compares to my desire for a Ph.D. There is some silent part of me that would always like to be a student. I do have a friend who traipsed around the best campuses in the world, perpetually earning degrees. Last I heard she was enrolled in a doctoral program, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that she has plans to continue along the same path.

At any rate, c’est la vie.